1. How do I request a service?
  • You can send your project request to Chastity Beene at c.n.beene@tcu.edu or call 817.257.6131. If we have any questions we will contact your for more information.
2. How much lead time is needed per project?
  • Lead time suggested in advance of completed project deadline is three (3) working days. Longer times are necessary for more complex projects * Priority is granted to instructional projects and academic research presentations.
3. I need help designing and creating my project. Is there support for graphic design?
  • Production support is available for displays, poster presentations, informational signage, charts & graphs, illustration, laminating, and other forms of instructional and presentation materials. Computer-generated graphics (charts, illustrations, graphs) for professional presentations, research posters or publication is also available.
4. Where do I locate the templates for research posters? 5. Are you available to assist in personal projects?
  • Center for Instructional Services is unable to support non-university projects.
6. What are your scanning capabilities?
  • We are able to scan from:
    35mm slides, negatives, strips, and rolls, color or black and white
    Slides - carousel, box, or sleeve
    Large Format negatives (up to 11″x17″)
    Paper - to most formats - including PDF and PowerPoint
7. Can you print large scale posters?
  • Yes, we have the capability to print up to 42"x100".
8. Do you have lamination capabilities?
  • Yes, we are able to laminate and trim any project up to 42 inches wide.
9. What will be the cost of each project?
  • Charges are based on materials recovery. Please review our rates page or call extension 6131 to request an estimate.
10. Does CIS accept credit cards?
  • CIS only accepts cash, check or invoice with departmental budget codes.